Mission (Core Purpose)
To build success stories of people by empowering them through Life-Transforming training programs.

To enrich people lives with Happiness, Success, Spirituality & Abundance.

Core Values:
  • Making & keeping commitments
  • Achieving success through smart work.
  • Motivating individuals to help them to achieve their goals
  • Keeping Honesty & Integrity, Passion, Ethics in everything we do, go for the extra mile, Respect for people.
Mr. Mahendra Devlekar is a great Motivating Guru and one of the youngest, Mind trainers in India. He is also Memory trainer, Personal & Financial Breakthrough Coach, N.L.P Practitioner, Reiki Master, Tarot card reader. He is known for his interactive, unconventional, experiential training methods.

Mahendra Devlekar is also the Director of 'Aakar Knowledge House' & ‘Mahendra Devlekar Training Institute’. His contributions towards the community reach through ‘Tanmay foundation’. His trainings have produced life transforming results.

He has trained millions of minds and has brought positive changes in them. We at ‘Mahendra DevlekarTtraining Institute’firmly believe that destiny can be rewritten,and we can achieve what we want. He has totally revolutionized the way training programs are conducted in multinational corporates by incorporating spiritual and scientific principles of achievement.
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